From time immemorial humans are fascinated by fragrances.

More than 140 years of experience and knowledge in this field of expertise enable us to use the variety of fragrances in nature for applications of all kinds. Benefit from our creative 'noses' and technicians, which have the know-how and qualification to transform your ideas into a fragrance.

Curt Georgi produces fragrances in accordance with all safety regulations and industry standards. We are member of DVRH (Association of German Fragrance Manufacturers) and through this linked with EFFA (European Flavour and Fragrance Association), IFRA (International Fragrance Association) and RIFM (Research Institute for Fragrance Materials).

Fragrance applications

We create and offer fragrance compositions for:
  • Household products

    Household products

    Cleanliness should not only be visible! You should be able to smell it, too! With pleasure, you are invited to smell our fragrance range for household products.

  • Detergents


    The odour of freshly washed laundry – an odour in which each and every one of us would certainly like to get enwrapped in.

  • Technical applications (carwash liquid etc.)

    Technical applications (carwash liquid etc.)

    Fragrances are not always in the focus – but without them certainly something will be missing!

  • Air freshener, and many more…

    Air freshener, and many more…

    A pleasant room scent doubtlessly improves the mood and the ambience.

  • Personal Care

    Personal Care

    If floral, green, aldehydic, fougere, woody or oriental. We provide the matching fragrance for each nose or personality.



Custom-made perfume creations and matches according to clients’ desires.


Excellent price-performance ratio.


More than 140 years of know-how in the fragrance industry.


Formulas and pretests available.



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