Natural and natural-like flavors are suitable for the following categories of foods: dairy products, mixed dry products, coffee and tea, confectionery, bakery products, pharmaceutical industry and other products.

Based on a harmonized mixture of flavour chemicals, essential oils and extracts, we produce highly effective liquid flavour concentrates. By adding special solvent systems, we are able to adjust our concentrates to reach optimal distribution and solubility in the finished product.

Liquid Flavours

Nature creates flavours, from the subtlety of a ripe and sweet strawberry, to the aroma of a fine roasted coffee or the tangy taste of a juicy lime. At Curt Georgi we recreate nature daily with our high-quality flavours - global, sensitive and with consistent quality. All our flavours are produced according to the quality standards of the German and EU Food Legislation. Above that we also supply flavours that comply with the national requirements of specific countries like USA or Japan.

Curt Georgi is member of the DVAI (German Flavour Association) and through this linked with EFFA (European Flavour Association), IOFI (International Flavour Association). Furthermore we are member of the German Candy School (ZDS Solingen), PMCA (International Association of Candy Manufacturers) and Leatherhead Food Research.

Geocaps Flavours
(Encapsulated Flavours)

Our 'Geocaps' flavours enable a very intensive flavour experience: At the moment of use (in a watery solution, for example in contact with salvia) the crust dissolves and the pure flavour is released with a full flavour burst. Encapsulated 'Geocaps' flavours are best for dry mix food products and offer the following benefits to you:

  • protected against oxidation
  • heat resistant and very stable, even after long periods of storage
  • water-soluble, not oil-soluble
  • high impact in your application

Flavour applications

In our flavour range we offer liquid, powder and spray-dried (Geocaps-) flavours in natural and non-natural (nature-identical and artificial) quality for following applications:
  • Bakery


    What could be nicer than the aroma of freshly baked products? If cookies, biscuits, cake, waffles, baking mixtures or dough master batches: With our flavour seduction starts long before consumption.

  • Dairy Products

    Dairy Products

    Creamy, soft and aromatic, no matter if warm, cold or frozen. Discover our field-tested flavours for milk, yoghurt, margarine / butter, ice-cream and more.

  • Coffee & Tea

    Coffee & Tea

    Flavours in liquid or powder form for a special pleasure time-out - always new creations according to taste, region and season.

  • Dry mix food products

    Dry mix food products

    Spray-dried and powder flavours for: powder mixtures for soft drinks, pudding powder and desserts, baking mixtures, ice-cream mixtures, ready-made products, Coffee powder, pharmaceuticals and many more.

  • Confectionery


    We are experts for Hard Boiled Candies, Lollipops, Chewing Gum, Chewy Candy, Dragees, effervescent- and other compressed tablets, Chocolate, extruded products and more.



Excellent match of mother nature´s best.


You order, we produce – individual, fast, flexible with highest product quality at any time.


Best price-performance ratio, based on short communication channels and quick decisions.


You benefit from top-consultancy and service with product recipes, free of charge consulting as well as experienced and critical taste paneling.

    Curious for innovation? Simply order the latest taste-sample-creations from our application technology department. In addition to many other applications we produce: Fruit gum- and Jelly-products, Hardboiled- and Chewy- candies, Foams (e.g. marshmallows), Chewing gum, Dragees, Chocolate, Bakery products, Ice-Cream.
    Additionally we develop new product- and flavour concepts – also in cooperation with you –, and match market flavour innovations and transfer them into other applications. All according to your demand.



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