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- Since 1875 -

1875, Mr. Curt Robert Georgi (27), the founder of the company, starts the production of essential oils, flavouring essences, flower extracts and soap perfumes in Leipzig, Germany. On extensive trips to the mediterranean region he had made close contacts to producers of essential oils and raw materials for his production. The business is running well due to Curt Georgi’s personal commitment, especially in Italy, Spain and Scandinavia. He also discovers new markets like Russia, Middle East and South-America.

In 1906, the company was taken over by her son Herbert Curt Georgi and Doctor Robert Curt Georgi (following the death of Curt Georgi) who in a few years succeeded in doubling the company's profits and expanding significantly, and in 1961 they open new branches. After the war several branches of the company were opened in: Valencia-Spain, Milan-Italy, Athens-Greece and more than 50 representative offices all over the world, the company becoming the leader in flavor at that time.

The company suffers from world wars but succeeds in time to recover, so in 1994 it is expanding in Barcelona, Cracow, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary and Romania. At the same time, he moves into a new building, the Boeblingen Industrial Park. Now it has a new headquarters with ultramodern design where it produces over 1000 tons of flavors and essences. Today, more than 130 years after the company's founding, Curt Georgi is one of the most successful independent and private company producing flavors and essences.

With over 30 years of experience in this business, Andreas Landgraf is the owner of the business and his brain.


  • We provide you with excellent classic and innovative flavours and fragrances.
  • Our products are always individually produced on customer demand – fast and flexible.
  • Due to highest quality standards in raw materials, our products have a consistent high value.
  • Our controlled and certified quality management system offers an optimum in product safety.
  • We offer you an excellent technical service and applications support provided by our consultants.
  • Competitive prices based on an efficient management structure set us apart from other companies.
  • Due to our agents and warehouses all over the world, we are a reliable partner concerning on-time delivery.



We deliver high quality products that improve consumers’ lives - always, global and on-time.

The joy of innovation

Applied knowledge, inventiveness and vision in all customer product categories inspire us to unique product creations and continuous improvement in everything we do.

Customer service

Partnership as efficient and pleasant as possible – That’s our mission!

We want to support you in every aspect.


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Address: No.2 Independenţei street, Oradea, Bihor county, România

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